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Registration and conference fees

The following table shows the conference fees valid until 2019-05-31.

StandardGEFTA membersStudendsAccompanying persons

The fee for registration and payment, resp., increases by €30 after May 31, 2019. For participants from outside SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) there is an option to pay in cash at the registration desk without that increase.

For your registration and your probable lecture, please use the online form. After compilation of an access authorization, you will have access to the online form.

If you have already registered for the conference with the online form, you then are able to call up the registration again under Edit registration.
This procedure allows for a registration of your scientific contribution as well as for a modification of your personal data separated in time.

Company representatives are also requested to register here.

If you already own a user account click here to register.

Registration of participation 2019

Contact details
* mandatory information
Your contribution
We ask interested authors to submit an abstract. The contents should include title, author(s), affiliation, text incl. graphs, pictures, tables, references. The number of pages is not restricted but should be within reasonable limits. As word processing program we prefer Microsoft Word and we will take care of the formatting.
The book of abstracts will be published under an ISBN number, thus, it is fully citable and your abstract can be legally referenced.
Deadline for submission is 18th of April 2019.
Within a fortnight you will receive an information about the acceptance of your contribution.
Your poster
Poster presentations build an important part of our conference.
Poster format is DIN A0 portrait.
Your oral contribution
The available time for your oral contribution is generally 20 minutes from which 5 minutes should be reserved for discussion. The common means for presentations (PC, beamer (Full HD), pointer) are available.
Conference fees
I will transfer the following conference fee after receipt of confirmation of registration to the bank account of Gesellschaft für Thermische Analyse e.V. (GEFTA):
IBAN: DE52 2689 1484 0015 4202 00
at Volksbank im Harz e.G. Clausthal-Zellerfeld
Registration or payment after 31st of May increases each fee by 30 €. Participant from countries outside SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) can pay in cash at the registration desk during the conference.
A receipt for your payments will be issued at the registration desk. Actively (poster, oral contribution) participating students can apply for a travel grant via their reponsible professor.
Tourist program
On Thursday (13th of June) I will probably participate in the following tourist program:
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