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Energy turnover correctly and reliably measured in biology, chemistry, physics, and technology

Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to join the 23rd Kalorimetrietage in Braunschweig on 12th - 14th June 2019. The conference is dedicated to all aspects of calorimetry and its applications in chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, industry, and environmental sciences.
Presentations from other fields of experimental thermodynamics are also welcome. 

The scientific programme will be accompanied by an exhibition of calorimetric instruments from manufacturers active in this field.

The conference language is English. Presentations in German are also welcome.


We are proud to have the following renowned scientists to present their latest findings:

Fundamentals of calorimetry

  • W. Buck (PTB Berlin): Redefinition of the SI unit Kelvin and its realization

Life sciences

  • O. Braissant (Univ Basel): Possible applications of isothermal calorimetry in pharma, food, and biomedical industries: the cases of quality control and drug resistance
  • Jonathan Bradford Chaires  (Univ Louisville, TE, USA): Calorimetry inside and outside the box
  • T. Maskow (UFZ Leipzig): The future of biocalorimetry and biothermodynamics as seen by a biotechnologist
  • Jose Sanchez-Ruiz (Univ Granada, Spain): General principles and selected applications of scanning calorimetry: ultrafast folding, kinetic stability and ancestral proteins
  • Peter West (Tech Univ Denmark, Lyngby): tbd
  • Roland Winter (Tech Univ Dortmund): Pressure Perturbation Calorimetic Studies of the Effect of Osmolytes and Crowding on the Stability and Solvation of Biomolecular Systems

Renewable energy carriers

  • C. Paetz (Hydrogenious Technologies*, Erlangen): Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) – enabling large scale hydrogen distribution and sectoral integration
  • F. Mertens (Tech Univ Freiberg): A Strategy for the Characterization of Lithium Containing Materials Based on Hydrogenation Reactions and Low Temperature Calorimetry
  • H. J. Seifert (KIT Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen): Calorimetric studies of lithium-ion batteries and their materials

GEFTA award for outstanding scientific achievements

The award will be presented to Prof. Dr. H. K. Cammenga, Braunschweig.

* Hydrogenious Technologies, nominee 2018 for “Deutscher Zukunftspreis”, award for Technology and Innovation of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany













  • The scientific programme and the schedule have been fixed and are online, see Scientific Programme.


  • Titles of presentations and abstracts - as far as available - are online, see Lectures & Posters.


  • The deadline for registration of oral presentations has been extended to 5th of May.


  • Already ten manufacturers have registered and will present their instruments, see Exhibition.





  • The abstract books of the 21st and 22nd Kalorimetrietage 2015 and 2017, resp., have been put online.


  • We continue to publish the abstracts and scientific programmes of the past conferences. From time to time we will extend the archive.


  • For those interested in the history of our conference: The book of abstracts and the programme of the very first Ulmer Kalorimetrietage 1975 have been put online.


  • The organizing committee has started to prepare our next conference.