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Scientific Programme

Key lectures

Fundamentals of calorimetry

  • B. Fellmuth (PTB Berlin): Redefinition of the SI unit Kelvin and its realization

Life sciences

  • O. Braissant (Univ Basel): tbd
  • Jonathan Bradford Chaires  (Univ Louisville, TE, USA): Calorimetry inside and outside the box
  • T. Maskow (UFZ Leipzig): The future of biocalorimetry and biothermodynamics as seen by a biotechnologist
  • Jose Sanchez-Ruiz (Univ Granada, Spain): General principles and selected applications of scanning calorimetry: ultrafast folding, kinetic stability and ancestral proteins
  • Peter West (Tech Univ Denmark, Lyngby): tbd
  • Roland Winter (Tech Univ Dortmund): Pressure Perturbation Calorimetic Studies of the Effect of Osmolytes and Crowding on the Stability and Solvation of Biomolecular Systems

Renewable energy carriers

  • C. Paetz (Hydrogenious Technologies, Erlangen): Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) – enabling large scale hydrogen distribution and sectoral integration
  • F. Mertens (Tech Univ Freiberg): New findings from the WeNDeLIB project on the thermodynamic characterisation of electrode materials for Lithium ion batteries
  • H. J. Seifert (KIT Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen): Batteries and calorimetry