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Energy turnover correctly and reliably measured in biology, chemistry, physics, and technology

Dear Colleagues,

we cordially invite you to join the 23nd Kalorimetrietage in Braunschweig on 12th - 14th June 2019. The conference is dedicated to all aspects of calorimetry and its applications in chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, industry, and environmental sciences.
Presentations from other fields of experimental thermodynamics are also welcome. 

The scientific programme will be accompanied by an exhibition of calorimetric instruments from manufacturers active in this field.

The conference language is English. Presentations in German are also welcome.












  • The abstract books of the 21st and 22nd Kalorimetrietage 2015 and 2017, resp., have been put online.


  • We continue to publish the abstracts and scientific programmes of the past conferences. From time to time we will extend the archive.


  • For those interesting in the history of our conference: The book of abstracts and the programme of the very first Ulmer Kalorimetrietage 1975 have been put online.


  • The organizing committee has started to prepare our next conference.